One of the advantages of doing business with us is related to our business philosophy. As mentioned earlier, we emphasize flexibility in all of its forms.

Flexibility in terms of how you want to communicate with us,

We accept orders by  voice calls, by emails, via web application form or simply via a dedicated text line. Whichever way you think is right for you, is right for us. And of course, if you like variety and alternation, that’s fine with us too!

Flexibility in choosing the right billing approach

Some Clients prefer to pay per delivery, while others like to operate under weekly or monthly plans. Some like package deals, while others prefer a hybrid cost structure that takes into account seasonal volume variations. Again, the flexibility is on your end. Choose the plan that fits your needs. It’s totally fine with us.

Custom-Made solutions for Unique Needs

Unique Needs require Unique solutions and, if we have not offered them beforehand, we’ll design them especially for you. Once again, flexibility plays the pivotal role in terms of analyzing clients’ needs and coming up with suitable solutions.

Flexibility of payment solutions that we put at your disposal and most important of all, flexibility of creating custom-built solutions only suitable for a client’s unique needs.

Acting as intermediaries, we offer you the possibility of receiving your payment in cash, debit cards, credit cards, e-transfers and PayPal. For a marginal fee, you have the advantage among your competitors of offering your clients the highest payment flexibility on the market.

Innovation Edge

We use state of the art software to enhance efficiency because efficiency drives costs down. Ultimately, it leads to creation of value.

Comprehensive Referral Program

If you are happy with the quality of our services and the personalized approach, we think it is totally natural for you to spread the word. Actually, we think you should be rewarded for referring us your friends and colleagues. We understand the importance of delivering impressive results, especially if our clients vouch for us.

Ongoing Assessment of Quality of Services offered

Quality surveys, monthly newsletters and so forth…we want to get your feedback as it helps us improve the quality of the services we offer. Also, it allows us to be in contact with our clients and communicate to them new innovative tools we put at their disposal designed to simplify their operations.


Comprehensive doesn’t mean complex. Actually, a mix of comprehensive and simple yields amazing results. So, if you’d ask us, a comprehensive set of solutions provided in a simple structure causes faster execution. Simply put, faster communications between the clients and us, and more drivers on the road, translate into faster deliveries. On the other end, account coordinators ensure that concerns are addressed in record time causing little or no downtime. Finally, a team of back-office specialists continuously introduce new and innovative ways to better respond to clients’ needs. Putting all this into perspective leads to a comprehensive and yet simple approach to assisting our clients with their day to day logistic needs. We call it efficiency.


The ultimate aim of innovation is the value creation. Clients embrace innovation if they see dramatically better results. We call it effectiveness. Actually, everything starts with it. Innovation is pointless if it doesn’t improve the end result. So how can simple innovative ideas make a big difference? This is the main criteria behind every single innovative idea of ours. We wouldn’t just bring new ways if we were not certain they would create value. This is why certain aspects of our operations are still done the old fashioned way, while others require extensive use of technology. For instance, we use advanced proprietary software when we do logistic planning and yet we rely on ald fashioned client representative formula because the human factor is still the most important aspect of communication.


As a legal obligation, people have to be transparent because they are required to be do by different laws and regulations that govern our lives. But ours is a moral choice of being transparent with our colleagues and clients, simply because we realize that people count on the information provided to them to take prudent business decisions.